Friday , August 19 2022

20 minutes – Red Bull threatens an even bigger Shitstorm


Energy Press Red Bull is a big name in the world event. He organizes and finances music festivals, snowboarding and airplanes, or allows extreme athletes to jump out of the stratosphere. This should increase the sales of beverages. Red Bull is in 171 countries. Last year, 6.3 billion cans were sold.


Do you still drink Red Bull?

His drink is promoted by the Austrian company with the slogan "Red Bull gives wings". Currently, the company is flying low. For Switzerland and Germany, Red Bull is currently experiencing a real Shitstorm. The reason is right-populist statements from Red Bull's founder and chief Dietrich Mateschitz in an interview with the Austrian "Kleine Zeitung" in April last year (see box). The order is echoing late now. "The allegations hurt the Red Bull brand enormously," says Marketing Manager Marcel Hüttermann in ZHAW for 20 minutes.

What other managers of the company caused a furore, you can see in the image gallery above.

Protests can spread

The debate has now also captured the nightlife of Zurich. First club companies renounce Red Bull. In a few years they have performed a music festival with the group. The clubs have now interrupted the clubs, which "Tages-Anzeiger" writes. The festival, which begins on November 6, will be the last. In addition, Club Future does not want to earn more drinks from Red Bull in the future. Even musicians turn away from the group and do not want to appear under the red and yellow bullet logo.

Hüttermann sees the wave of protest but only in the beginning. Only a few clubs and musicians are still there. "Many more partners could follow," he says. It is possible that protests would spread to many other countries. In addition, suppliers of the drink in the future can switch to competing products. "It is also conceivable that the debate will expand to other scenes, such as the sports scene," says Hüttermann.

"Bosses should exercise neutrality"

In the end, every Red Bull partner must decide if he wants to continue to be associated with the group, "said the expert. However, it should be clear that the scandal launched by the Red Bull boss can rub away. "The Red Bull brand can now cause almost all remaining concert visit irritation."

Hüttermann specifically takes the Executive Directors of the commitment. They should have some neutrality against certain subjects. "It would otherwise be dangerous for the company." Chefs should therefore carefully think about what they are talking about publicly. The right populist statements about immigration policy in Europe made by Red Bull's chief are particularly sensitive. "This is a global topic. Consequently, misjudged statements can draw wide circles and a trademark with an image that is responsible for which they do not want to stand.

Red Bull is silent

Questions to Mateschitz's controversial statements leave Red Bull unanswered. Even the Zurich clubs complain about the silence of the noise. However, according to Hüttermann, it would be appropriate right now at Shitstorm's early stage whether the Group is taking a clear position. "Red Bull should show what values ​​you stand for." It would be even better if cook Mateschitz himself corrected the image. "Otherwise, the Red Bull brand may be associated with the right scene."

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