Friday , August 12 2022

Women more positive to assent than men


The crime victim has commissioned the government to launch the "Free Will" campaign, a campaign to educate young people about the new consent that came into force this summer. The act means in brief that if sex is not voluntary, then it is a crime.

Prior to the campaign, the Authority has developed a Sifo survey to find out what women and men ages 18 to 25 think about the law and what situations young people actually regard as consent, something that Swedens radio Be the first to report.

Majority positive

A clear majority of the respondents are positive about the law, but the attitude to it differs between men and women. 90 percent of women are positive about the law, while the same figure for men is 63 percent.

"It is clear that girls are more positive to the law than men. 22 percent of men are negatively canceled, while 4 percent of women are, says Annika Öster, Director General of the Offenses Bureau.

Interprets signals differently

Even the opinions about what is agreed go apart. 33 percent of the boys think it is agreed to lay close with someone, against the women's 16 percent. 17 percent of the guys think it's enough to be together with someone, while the same figure for women is 9 percent.

"The clear reflection is that there is a lot of difference in how boys and girls interpret signals," says Annika Öster.

17 percent of men think it is agreed to accompany someone home late in the evening. 7 percent of women give the same answer.

Not consent under the law

Clearly legally, none of these scenarios consent. At the same time, almost nine out of ten young people know that they are familiar with the new law. Annika Öster thinks it is a sign that government's campaign is needed.

"It shows how much the need is for us to talk about volunteering and what responsibility we have when initiating sex," she says.

The new law has led to more crimes being considered rape and punishment has been punished more severely than before, showing a review of echo.

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