Friday , August 12 2022

Woman wanted to be detained for coarseness – Uppsala


After the turnout against massage salons in Uppsala and Järfälla on Tuesday, a woman is now being charged with serious intercourse. She is suspected of having provided sex services by several employees for payment.

Prior to the attack, the police have been conducting a check on the premises. The prison hearing is held on Friday afternoon.

On Tuesday, the police arrested a massage salon in Uppsala after suspected sex trafficking. Several people were questioned, a technical survey was conducted and the woman was arrested.

In addition to prosecutors and a large number of police officers, staff from the Swedish Tax Agency also participated.

"Their task is to assist as analysts in analyzing bookkeeping, among other things, to investigate the scope of activities," says Tomas Eriksson, chamber prosecutor in Uppsala, in a press release.

Koppleri means that someone promotes prostitution, for example by raising a local for sexual services, or economically utilizing a person who sells sex. The crime can be classified as serious about sex trafficking on a large scale or if the organizer earns big money or otherwise ruthlessly utilizes the person who sold the sex.

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