Sunday , January 24 2021

Wave of fraud against the elderly in western Sweden

Since September this year, a wave of fraud attempts has been directed at single western Swedes in their 80s and 90s. The fraudsters call their victims and deceive them by saying that their bank cards need to be replaced.

– They then offer home visits to help replace the credit card. They justify the home visit with the ongoing pandemic and that many of the elderly should not go out, says, Anna-Karin Kjellgren, crime prevention officer at the fraud section in Police Region West, in a press release.

Because the fraudsters have called their victims in advance, they have often been given access to port codes and can thus enter real estate. The visits often take place during the day and in several cases the criminals have taken valuables from the victims’ apartments.

– They may often also want to photograph the gold that the plaintiff has at home and then ask the person to hand over the gold, together with the person’s cash. A woman born in 1921 was tricked into giving up her wedding ring, says Anna-Karin Kjellgren and continues:

– The fraudsters do not shy away from funds. They even visit accommodation in service homes.

The police are now appealing the public to warn elderly relatives of the fraudsters. Good to know is that banks never call individuals to ask them to give away valuables or personal information.

Among the places where the elderly have been affected are Kungälv, Gothenburg, Kungsbacka, Varberg and Falkenberg.

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