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Watch out for the game's most dangerous animals


It has been eight years since the game Red Dead Redemption came, now Rock Star has released the sequel. The act takes place in 1899 in the United States. The wild west is no longer so wild, and civilization is challenging the legless parts. The main character is Arthur Morgan, who is the league leader Dutch van der Linde's right hand.

After a failed robbery, the league is forced to fly and stay away from federal agents and trophy hunters. Arthur must decide if he wants to be faithful gang or his own ideal.

"Red Dead Redemption" is a story-driven game in an open world. You can go away and discover cities, wilderness and dangerous animals if you want. To get money, Arthur can hunt animals and sell leather to merchants. There are over 200 fish, birds and other more or less dangerous animals.

What is the most dangerous animal in "Red Dead Redemption 2"?

Many players have had difficulty controlling alligators, grizzly bears and wolves. But all over the world, shaken players share movie clips on social media with ruthless deer attacks.

The deer attack without warning and they do not give up until you are killed on the ground or in a watercourse in the game.

Photo: Faksimil Youtube.

The deer attacks from behind when you do something else

The above clip shows that an NPC, non player character, can have a deer like a pet. Then anything can happen when you talk with a non-playable character.

The site states that it is not possible to reason with the deer. They have only one goal in sight – to destroy the people. Not just Arthur, but everyone.

Can deer help you?

Some deer seem to help you on your mission. In the clip above, Arthur chases a man without catching up. Then the white deer chooses to come to rescue. Perhaps it's a 50/50 position, or the deer does not think it's any sport to meet the slower wild west villain.

"Oh dear," a reader writes happily in the comment field on Youtube.

Whatever you do, do not stay!

Are you on the go, do not stop. Then it can be as if this player suddenly stops to get the breath.

Whatever you do – never end up in this situation

With unwanted deer attacks from behind, this player took a fatal mistake while taking a break. And no, it was not good for the deer either.

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