Tuesday , September 28 2021

Two men drove by car in Hallonbergen

Two men in the 20s are shot in Hallonbergen, northwest of Stockholm, on Monday evening.

According to Aftonbladet's data, they were found in a rental car.

Two black-dressed offenders should have moved from the site on a moped.

"We sent a number of devices to the site to try and get hold of the ones behind this," says the press clerk Anna Westberg.

The alarm arrived at 17.43 on Monday. The shooting men put in a car when they were attacked, reports sources for Aftonbladet. The police describe the damage situation as seriously.

– It has been shot against a car. We found two people injured, "said Anna Westberg, presidential spokesman at Stockholm Police.

– We implemented life-saving measures and the suspected crime scene was blocked.

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At 18.10, the police announced that they were taken to hospital.

"I can not go into detail about injury," says Anna Westberg.

Chasing black-dressed offenders

A large number of police patrols were sent to the site.

The perpetrators are believed to have moved on a moped. The two suspects should have had black helmets and black clothes.

"You have received information about a moped that will leave the site," says Anna Westberg.

The two shooters are men in their 20s. At least one of them should have links to a criminal gang. The vehicle they put in is a rental car, says the sources of Aftonbladet.

Have talked with the witnesses

Late on Monday night, the police had not arrested anyone for suspicion.

– We sent several devices to the site to try and get the ones behind this. We have been searching for dogs, for example, "says Anna Westberg.

"We also knocked the door in the area and talked with witnesses to get information about the event. We have a lot to work on.

Police officers have conducted an investigation into the crime scene.

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