Sunday , October 2 2022

THOMAS WILBACHER: Reals storsmocka went forward


The work of Sport Manager Monchis had been going on for some time, and it was understood that it was a Sevilla 2.0 that was being built. Young Italian talents arrived and some old jewel from Spain.

It is obvious to embrace and, as you say in Italy, "marry" with such a project – as long as development is moving forward. Patience is a shortage in the eternal city. The big question mark came from the country that had pushed Italy down in hell. Robin Olsen replaced Alisson, a record animal world goalkeeper, and it was difficult to get in.

I will return to development. How would Rome get better with Olsen? When the silent shelter pinned at Stadio Olimpico this evening, there was no doubt left.

Captain Daniele De Rossi had given him his blessing early and a warm hug and Olsen responded to being the confidence between the posts. Prior to this match, Rome had quite other problems. If Olsen is barely speaking in Rome, mostly because the famous patience began to press.

Roma has not taken any steps in the right direction.


If so, you're backed and Mister Di Francesco can soon not be saved anymore by one big match. He needs profits.

In fact, against Real Madrid, the real Madrid was not a season-winning goal, but the match was fundamental to Di Francesco. And, of course, he got some kind of performance in the first half when Rome was good and felt the number bigger than the Marängen. Without Edin Dzeko, with a constantly underperforming Patrik Schick as the only alternative, what they say down there was "very much smoke but too little roasted".

That is, in this context, many chances but no goals. Not even a small semi-burned salsiccia could Cengiz Ünder invite when he was completely clean in front of goals.

It was such a match where each miss felt like a goal kick for the opposing team. Real Madrid did not make a big match but, in line with Rome's miss, Real took on the game slowly.


A weak cleansing of Olsen caused panic in the drunk Rome defense, which Garreth Bale took advantage of. It was not fair to the match picture, but in any way not illogical. Roma is a bunch of little boys who do not survive if youthful enthusiasm does not produce results.

Much can be said about the season's Real Madrid, but when the little kittens like those in red had finished, the grandmother was picked up.

Tonight it hurt.

Most groggy is probably Di Francesco, who in this situation should start looking for his own recipes for Christmas cake, because of Rome he learns not to get anybody.

However, one of the few who will get rid of the worst massacre in Rome's newspapers tomorrow is Robin Olsen.

In Monchi's impotent squadron he is still one of the few carrying beams.

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