Saturday , October 1 2022

The Medical Products Agency stops the business pharmacy's new pharmacy


The pharmacy Apohem was launched in June and the month afterwards they were granted permission to sell prescription drugs. But so far no customers have been able to order these.

For this reason, the Pharmaceuticals Agency now stops the pharmacy because Apohem can not deliver the necessary medicines required by law.

In the Medical Products Agency's decision, as Siren's news agency has informed, it states that "the ban applies immediately and until the Swedish Medicines Agency has decided otherwise."

Apohem has received the opportunity to comment before the Medical Products Agency made its decision.

However, the answer was considered unsatisfactory and now the Medical Products Agency puts a point for the operation.

The prohibition applies until the company can prove to the authority that the obligation to comply with the decision is met.

The obligation to provide information means that the pharmacy must be able to offer all prescribed medicines and all medicines covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Act.

DN is looking for Apohem's CEO Johan Bergenheim.

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