Monday , January 17 2022

The Football Profile's request is welcomed – may change defense attorney


Photo: Robin Lorentz Allard

The football profile arrested suspected of rape has wished a new defender.

He thinks his current does not take his case well enough.

Now appeals to the appeal of the profile from within the detention – he receives the lawyer he wishes.

The rapist football profile has appealed for a change of defense attorney. So far, Eva Möller, a lawyer, has represented him, something he has not been completely satisfied with.

"Eva is in pain, does not think she takes care of my case well enough," he announced in a handwritten letter to the District Court.

"P.S. This is important, he adds, "which Aftonbladet reported on Tuesday.

The man was arrested for a short month ago suspected of raping a younger woman when she slept over at the football profile and his wife after a dinner. He has been detained since October 16th.

The football profile writes in the letter to the district court that he wishes Pontus Skogh as a new lawyer. When Aftonbladet talked to Skogh during yesterday he would not answer if he would take the assignment or not, but now he has decided to defend the football profile, according to actions to the district court that Aftonbladet has shared.

"Clear evidence"

Ismo Salmi, the young women's judicial officer, assesses the evidence as heavy. Among other things, there must be a recording made in connection with the suspected rape.

– Evidence clearly shows that he has been raped. Of happy circumstances, there is evidence of a recording where it is clear that he was guilty of crimes, Ismo Salmi has said earlier.

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