Saturday , June 25 2022

Stop in commuter train traffic is carried out throughout the morning rush


There is an electric failure in Årstaberg and a demolished contact line in Stuvsta that sets it on Monday traffic.

From around 07:30 in the morning, the commuter train on the Södertälj line goes straight to Flemingsberg, where travelers are referred to a replacement bus that goes to Telefonplan, via Huddinge, Stuvsta and Älvsjö.

Elfelet in Årstaberg does that road users in front of Stockholm from Nynäshamn may take subway from Farsta beach. From the north, the commuter train goes into City and turns there.

"Some will go to Älvsjö, but you can not count on it," says Johan Nordgren, on SL's press release.

The one who is going to the south Södertälje gets the replacement buses from Telefonplan, the one to Nynäshamn, get the green line of the subway to Farsta Strand, and shuttle from there. To Årstaberg you can take the crossroads and to Stockholm's southern subway.

Those who are expected to be more than 20 minutes ago are entitled to SL's late payment, which means that the company can pay alternative tax as a taxi.

Even the remote trains are affected because the north and south trains need to be sampled about a track on a stretch.

At half past ten had The Swedish Transport Administration no forecasts when the errors can be rectified.

– Unfortunately not. We do not want to make any false hopes. But we have people in place and try to fix it as quickly as possible, "says Joanna Ljunggren at the Swedish Transport Administration's press office.

Even on Friday, both commute and long-distance traffic were affected by extensive disturbances. Then two different signal errors in Ulriksdal and Årstaberg triggered the traffic.

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