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Seven unusual ways to smuggle cricket – News –


dance Carpets

2009 got stuck after a time in a gay league in Gothenburg. They had then tried to fix drugs from Venezuela and Central America in the country, inter alia by stopping it in dance mats for children. The background to the increase should have been that a 36-year-old man's construction company started to go badly financially and risked bankruptcy. The man was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


Spanish police discovered last summer that some ananas in Madrid's largest fruit market had a slightly different content. The pineapples had been emptied of pork and filled with cocaine. The fruits, shipped from Costa Rica, were held together with the waxy mixture of paraffin, which, according to the police, would "hide the chemical smell". The police arrested seven people, three in Madrid and four in Barcelona, ​​suspected of drug trafficking.

fake Butts

It's not just innocent fruits that become accomplices when drug lovers are on the move. Furiously mounted rear parts are also used to transport illegal traffic. At the beginning of the year, Portuguese authorities stopped a man who strengthened his hindquarters with a pair of fake hams. In the extra butt he had clipped a kilo of cocaine – the unusual ornament he tried to hide with a pair of swimsuits.


This spring two used dryers were driven to Södertälje. The recipient hoped for more than just clean laundry because it was on top of the drums nine kilo cocaine and six kilograms of heroin. Customs officials who discovered the increase allowed the van to drive further after replacing the drug with a substitute. The driver continued on to Södertälje, where the recipient could be arrested and prosecuted.

baby Blanket

In March of this year, a drug dog received a trace of something more than dirty diapers in a car with a man, a woman and a child who had not yet reached a year who was in Norway. Under a bedbug, next to a high chair, the dog sniffed 2.8 kilograms of drugs. The woman was released immediately afterwards but the man was charged with gross drug abuse.

Car roof

A routine check of a car at the ferry terminal in Helsingborg in early 2017 resulted in the discovery of a total of 30 kilograms of cocaine and heroin. The forbidden change was hidden in a box between the outer and the ceiling. The value of the box contents amounted to just over SEK 10 million. The smuggling man was convicted of a serious drug offense.

Pulverized coal

Using other substances to prevent detection, like the case in Malmö District Court, is nothing new. 2014 fell around the people who tried to confuse drug dogs by mixing cocaine with black carbon powder. The knarket, which originated in Ecuador, was placed in metal cylinders that allegedly contained water purification powder.

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