Wednesday , October 5 2022

Researchers behind alleged Crispr babies are investigated


He claims that he has used the Crispr reax to edit the baby's DNA in the embryo stage. Now the researcher will be investigated.

On Monday, Ny Teknik told about the researcher He Jiankui who claims to be behind the world's first Cripsr babies, two twin girls who were born earlier in November. His purpose should have been to make the girls resistant to HIV virus.

The news has caused much concern and criticism from the research community, which considers it too early to use Crispr technology in such a way. It's far too risky. Now, MIT Technology Review, among other things, tells me that He Jiankui will be investigated. The question is whether he has violated Chinese laws and regulations.

He Jiankui has worked as a lecturer at the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzen, but according to the university, he has been on unpaid leave since February of this year.

Research call in China against the trial

The university announces that the experiment has nothing to do with their activities, and that research has not taken place there. According to the biology unit of the university, such an attempt strongly violates "ethical and academic norms and regulations".

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In China, 122 academics and researchers in a joint statement have removed from He Jiankuis's study.

"This is a powerful blow to the image and development of Chinese life sciences at global level. It is extremely unfair to the many honest and sincere researchers who work to adhere to moral methods in science, "they wrote, according to MIT Technology Review.

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