Wednesday , January 27 2021

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In recent years, more than 20,000 burglars have been reported in Sweden, and according to the demo survey conducted by SSF Theft Protection Association, every fifth resident reported that they were ever subjected to burglary in their homes.

Most burglaries occur during the day and during the darkest months of the year, mainly October and November. Most common is that the thief penetrates by breaking up a window or a ground floor patio door to steal things that are easy to hide and carry, such as jewelry, cash, passports and tablets.
"As many as 80 percent of residents in our survey say they do not have locks on their windows. If the window does not break up, the thief is forced to break the window and climb into and out of glass, which complicates the burglary, so make sure the windows are locked with approved locks, "says Lina Nilsson, advisory expert at SSF Theft Protection Association.

Thieves investigates the home and wants to know if someone is home before they choose where to turn to. Are there any insight in the plot, there are several days' mail in the mailbox, is it clean at home, maybe have they been there before and laid a stone or brush in front of the front door to see if you moved on it? They also look for aids on the plot that facilitate the burglary, like a ladder, to get you upstairs.
By reviewing the home security and obtaining a good burglary protection, the risk significantly reduces theft, loss and the unpleasant intrusion of privacy as a burglary.

SSF's Intrusion Tips:
• Join Neighbor Collaboration.
• Have certified locks on doors, patio doors and windows.
• Have motion-controlled outdoor lighting.
• Always lock the door even when you are at home and never leave keys or valuables just inside the door.
• Lock or lock up ladders and other tools on the plot.
• Have an alarm, it shortens the time for the thief and increases the attention of the neighbors.
• Have a lock on the mailbox or ask a neighbor to take care of the mail if you leave.

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