Wednesday , February 19 2020
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Pete Doherty was arrested in Paris after a fight

Pete Doherty has been arrested in Paris – again. Stock Photography.Picture: Francois Mort / AP / TT

British singer Pete Doherty could not spend more than a few hours in detention until he was arrested by French police again. This time he ended up in a riot with a man at a Parisian pub. The man has now reported Doherty for assault.

Pete Doherty was arrested in Paris on Friday morning for cocaine possession and allowed to spend time in French detention. According to the prosecutor in the case, he has acknowledged and agreed to pay € 5,000 in fines. Doherty's lawyer tells Reuters he was released on Saturday and went home, but then went out "to have a drink." Then he ended up in a dispute with an unknown man.

Doherty has repeatedly been in the grip of justice, including when he visited Sweden and the Arvika Festival in 2010. Then he refused to leave the scene because he wanted to avoid the police, who according to Doherty wanted him to accompany him to the police station for a blood test. He was later arrested and sentenced to SEK 30,000 in fines. The last time he visited Sweden was in 2018 for a gig at Way Out West.

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