Sunday , October 2 2022

One found dead outdoors in Kungsbacka – police investigate murder


The man was found on Sunday afternoon in Kungsbacka municipality. The police are sparse with details, but the dead man must have arrived outdoors.

"He has been found dead outside, but I do not want to go into what condition he was in," said Lars-Gunnar Perlinger, deputy chief of police police for serious crimes.

The police have launched a murder investigation and blocked by the site where the man was found dead.

"There is nothing in the crime scene indicating that a crime has been committed, but there are other circumstances we want to investigate in order to rule out that a crime does not lie behind the death," said Perlinger.

The police clarify that there is currently no concrete evidence that the man is actually brought about life.

"It does not point to any crimes behind, but it needs to be investigated," says Perlinger.

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