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New pages by Sara Lidman

The author and socialist Sara Lidman was a strong voice of her time. In the movie about her, you get to know the person Sara in depth.

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The author and socialist Sara Lidman was a strong voice of her time. In the movie about her, you get to know the person Sara in depth.

It is impossible not to be intrigued by Sara Lidman when watching this delightfully quirky film, which lifts the documentary form to new beautiful heights.

That's it with the Christmas tree. The introduction of "Sara – with all her essence" describes how the very young Sara Lidman (1923–2004) chooses the path in life.

She has close ties to nature in the childhood village of Missenträsk in Västerbotten. But it will still be the rational language of adults, with all the letters, which she chooses after a painful settlement with a particularly stately spruce.

The tone is set directly in this documentary and it is so fitting: high-pitched and serious but with small splashes of humorous sharpness that lighten up. It really feels like director Gunilla Bresky knows exactly what she wants to tell about Sara Lidman and how she wants to do it. To her aid, she has Lidman's own diaries, words and published texts, which are nicely made visible on the canvas and permeates the film.

Of course, this is about the breakthrough as a writer, which Lidman himself comments on as the time had a need for "a little literary girl balloon". The commitment to the Vietnam War, the impression she made in the social debate and the bad conscience for not doing more are important parts. Her depictions of the miners' conditions as well as the close relationship with the parents as well.

However, classic "talking heads" and superficial Wikipedia facts shine with their absence. Bresky dives into Lidman's pain points in life; everything essential comes out anyway. Not least the complicated love for the married Eskil runs like a red thread through Sara Lidman's life.

Still, it may be Lidman's love for the words, and the struggle to get them just right, that gets the most fascinating. And how, despite that "choice" in the beginning, she still remains so interconnected with nature and how she feels the presence of her old deceased relatives in Missenträsk.

The Norrlands Opera Symphony Orchestra performs specially written music by composer Johan Ramström, which contributes to the fine atmosphere. All in all, music, old photos, the author's own words and the reconstructions of Sara Lidman at work (filmed from behind, depicted by Malin Ackermann in witty hairstyle) become a very vivid and enjoyable experience.


Sara – with all her being

Genre: Documentary

Starring: Sara Lidman, Ellenor Lindgren, Malin Ackermann and others.

Directed by: Gunilla Bresky

Playtime: 1 hour 16 minutes

Age limit: 7 years

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