Tuesday , April 20 2021

Lisa Nilsson ready for new shows: "Lisa

Lisa Nilsson, 48, made the last performance of the prestigious show "Heaven around the corner – 25 years" on Sunday. At Instagram, the artist tells about the ending and feelings of the last show.

"I'm proud and happy. It feels a bit untrue that we will not go on. Many more wanted to see and hear and we were not ready here. But, as long as ALL – who played, built up, came and participated! And thanks my surely strong voice that kept all the way in and out. "she writes in the post.

Lisa Nilsson on stage in February

But already in February, the artist is up to date with a whole new project – a performance she describes with the words "a musical longevity show" and called "Lisa – the woman that I am".

"After many years of waiting for me, I'll finally get an idea where I can include all my artistic expressions on one and the same scene. I do not need to take into account genres, shapes or hit songs, but the story must be at the center." , she says in a press release.

The project is something she longed for to do and now fit perfectly right in time.

"I like the word" longevity "even if it's heat, but it's curious about me. I know that people are wearing different kinds of longing and I'll catch up. The longing for love, longing for children who never came, longing to be the one who wanted to be as big, but never really succeeded, she said to Aftonbladet.

The Premiere will be on Valentine's Day, February 14, at Rival in Stockholm. The show "Lisa – the woman who I am" will then be played in spring and the tickets will be released on Wednesday at 12.00


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