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Avantgardets album debut "Too many expensive shoes and dead eyes"released in spring 2016. The following year the sequel came"On the east coast nothing new"Just two and a half years later, the band – consisting of Rasmus Arvidsson, Patrik Åberg, Johan Offerlind, Mattias Täck, Andreas Stellan, Daniel Gilbert, Matti Ollikainen and Theo Gilbert – completed his album trilogy with the release of"Everyone knows the monkey".

Therefore I want to start by praying my favorite band from Nybro, because I accidentally digged myself into a deep musical pit, by singer / songwriters and various jazz genres with melancholy atmospheres, and completely let it fly by the fact that plate number three has already arrived.

In order to make up for the band, I thought "sassa". So it did not take long until I let the album opener "Walk of shame"fill my headphones with their slowly climbing intro. And just a little while in, we'll finally hear Rasmus Arvidsson's lovely sleepy and unpolluted voice, which sometimes fails in its amazing way.

It is then followed by another banger. This time it's the song "Out in the night" as with its beautifully filled and poppy peaks, builds an almost sugary wall of sound. The reindeer's nostalgic atmosphere makes for aspiring to dance around a campfire, under a starry sky to a little indie pop, becoming increasingly intrusive.

Photo: Avantgardet

The songs "Homerton high street"and"Everyone knows the monkey"I think that sounds overproduced and good enough to be Avantgardet, but after all, they are a strong low point, which in itself is a sign of a smooth and good plate. And the A side finishes in the best way with the song"All street corners " As with a studded swing in the chorus, one of the highlights of the record notes.

The absolute highlight appears in my opinion under song number seven, "Always behind is". The appearance of the echoing guran in the jerk and Rasmus's beautiful hanging voice generates an extremely backward feeling that can not be resisted. It sounds almost like Pavement's country-sound from "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain", a little ostemouth sound that echoes in infinity with an untrained singer. A proven and very well-functioning concept.

The songs "Gutter" and "Meet me by the street" are also the extremely impressive. It is really unbelievable how the Avantgard managed to collaborate, so pass many well-written songs. Even the finishing line "Sarajevo"is solid and even has a really heavy climax. A powerful end that gives me the feeling of wanting more of the band, even though I just spent 44 minutes with them.

Photo: Avantgardet

One of the style moves As the band gets very good at the new album is to have several different instruments mixed high. Sometimes it may also make an overproduction, but nothing should be said of Jocke Åhlund's talent in the studio. The level is stable throughout, the songs are well-produced and it feels really like the Avantgarde has taken a step forward musically.

Their new sound almost sounds like a simple collar rock, at least if you think about the drums composing and keep in mind where it's kind of music. Energetic drums, sizzling song, dull and echoing guitars along with sugary piano loops. A very unique mix with a little småländska on top of that mash.

However, it should be said that it does not exceed the debut, but it is not far from. I prefer their smoother and more uncompromising sound, but I appreciate that they are testing a different sound and climbing a little beyond their comfort zone.

Actually, I think it's a little wrong time to release this album, because, according to me, "Everyone Feels The Monkey" has more of a single sound. Certainly, I have never seen this band live yet, but this album really makes me want to be a saloon-hot summer day and dance to "Out of the Night". In a way, Avantgardet still gave a well-needed dose of heat here in the November cold. I suppose it's time to see Avantgardet live.

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