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Kennelhosta worse than usual – P4 Stockholm


Kennel cough, which is actually a collective name of several different viruses or bacteria, can flare up at any time of the year. But at the moment it is worse than in many years in mainly the Stockholm area.

"I've been working here for over eleven years and I've never been involved in this many conversations about just kennelhosta. That it was so collected, very many at once, says Yen Dahlgren.

Kennelhosta does the dog Get cough attacks, which sounds a bit like they have something in their throat and can cause them to vomit. In some cases, the dog may have fever and pneumonia.

It is via direct contact, or if dogs share, for example, food bowls it infects, but it can not affect other animals or humans.

It is often associated with exhibitions or other occasions when many dogs meet, for example in play parks or on dog days as the infection is spread.

"We have a lot of people who are at home and are sick," says Josefine Malmström, Vice President of Danderyd's Dog Day.

She tells to sick dogs Immediately dismissed and allowed to sit in a hospital waiting to be picked up.

"We clean the dishes extra carefully now that there are kennelhostatids. We change the plaits and make sure the dogs only go with their roommates so that they do not spread to the room. Yes, such things.

There are no numbers around how many dogs are affected by kennelhosta. If it does not affect the dog's general condition, that is, it continues to eat and be as usual, the ordination is resting and they will not want any veterinarian. But in the Stockholm area, it has been noted that the infection this year appears to be more widespread than it has been for several years, and that it is more serious, says Yen Dahlgren.

"The kind of virus that seems to flourish now has knocked the dogs a little harder than it did in the past years. They usually do not get publicly affected. Now in the autumn we have received some cases where they have been properly taken and sick.

It is possible to vaccinate the dog Against some of the viruses and bacteria as an entrance to Kennelhosta, and on dog's day it is often a requirement to get there. But there is no guarantee that the dog may still be affected.

The problem is currently greatest in the Stockholm area, but also in northern Värmland and in central Uppland, it has been marked by an increase. In most other places, the level is normal. In Halland, it is unusual little kennel cough.

Although it may be really hard for the dog, it's often a harmless disease for the dog, "says veterinarian Johan Rosberg Thorell.

– They cough, but it is often fast-passing the worst phase and then they get better again. But there is also the risk that they will receive secondary infections with pneumonia and feel bad. But the uncomplicated kennel cough is quite harmless.

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