Saturday , September 25 2021

Johan Esk: Nilla Fischer's speech was missing an important call

It's easy to buy most of the time Nilla Fischer held after she got the Diamond Ball on the Football Gala.

Obviously, young girls will have the same opportunity to play soccer as boys. It should not even have to be addressed in 2018.

And even if she did not say that, the team should also have the same opportunity to prepare for the same size of staff around the team. Compensation and championship bonuses should be placed at the same level, although it is still the men's team that pumps the money.

The national team is the top of the League and the clearest symbol of popular football. The League wants to live for its slogan that different is good.

The club football is something else.

There are the income so different that changing conditions are a natural part of the image. Trelleborg and Malmö FF move in different economic realities, despite the fact that this year there were two Skåne clubs in the same men's Swedish.

It's as easy to agree with much of what Fischer said as asking the question:

How will the money come in?

It's as easy to agree with her call that girls should not stop playing, do not stop fighting for gender equality as missing the call:

Go and look at damallsvenskan.

It is lifted from time to time stated that wages in damalsvenskan are about ten percent of wages in men's Swedish. The section is also about a tenth.

And even though the Swedish championships increased the average (from 809 to 894) and the men's lions lost (from 9,087 to 8,423) and although Piteå has an audience success of 1,999 spectators on average, the situation is more worrying on the side of the women.

The big team drops and Hammarby went out.

Eskilstuna had 2,640 average three years ago, this year 1,062. It is as if Hammarby in herralsvenskan 2020 would have lost 23,679 to 9,472 this year. The crisis would be widespread then.

Linköping acquired ahead of the year Kosovare Asllani and has in our Nilla Fischer in the squad. The question is how long that investment will last. Two years ago, the team's audience was 1,570, this year it was 756.

I already hear the objections:

"Well, you guys in the media …"

Yes, it is true that the men's football gets much more attention than the ladies in the rich media. Speedway is also medically far behind the men's Swedish football, yet the crowd is 3,399 spectators.

And not least, the freestyle skiers of the ski have gained attention and financial resources by using the new media landscape.

The women's football is valid to economically benefit from the trend that appears on the national side.

Sweden has had 8,092 and 6,175 spectators at their World Cup qualifiers in Gothenburg this year. When Sweden beat England on Sunday it was 9,561 in place. A listing that should be hit when Sweden meets Germany at Friends on April 6th. The match is an important test on the way to the World Cup in France. That tournament teaches both major audience and audience figures.

After his speech, Nilla Fischer said at the press conference:

"I do not think we are women who will be the ones for this match."

I think it would be very bad if profiles like Fischer and Schelin and Asllani and Lindahl disappear from the scene when their careers are over.

Female leaders and profiles are required at all levels of football. Not least the ones who can talk. Like Nilla Fischer.

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