Friday , August 12 2022

"Explosion" of Klarna's purchase for a few hours on Black Friday – retired bargain purchaser


The purchase increased by 1 700 percent the first hour into Black Friday compared to a normal day, according to the payroll company Klarna. "We are heading for new records," said the company's expert on consumer support.

The so-called Black Friday, which is the day after the American feast of Thanksgiving, is in progress.

In recent years, Swedish retail chains and e-dealers have also touched on the trend of sales and special offers during Black Friday.

Klarna could see "an explosion of purchase at 00.00" on Friday when the stores released their offerings, says Viveka Söderbäck, the payee's consumer behavior expert, to

During the first hour of Friday, purchases increased by 1,700 percent compared to a normal day and by 50 percent compared to last year's Black Friday, according to Klarna.

"We are heading for new records," says Viveka Söderbäck on Klaren's own site.

An interesting detail is that those who changed their buying behavior were mostly people over 65 years old compared to a regular day making 21 times more purchases.

"They do not shop the most, but it's the group whose behavior on Black Friday deviates most from an average day. Actually, it's no surprise when we recently conducted a survey that showed that almost all of our users over 75 years know Black Friday, "says Viveka Söderbäck to

In comparison, 18-25 year-olds "just" doubled their purchases compared to a normal day.

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