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Ekborg and Johansson in "Spelman på taket" – Pages


Theater In the autumn of 2019, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm will be playing a real audience. In "Spelman på taket", Pia Johansson and Dan Ekborg make the roles of Tevje and Golde.

Jerry Bocks and Sheldon Harnick's musicals from 1964 have been a constant occurrence in Swedish theater scenes since 1968. Tevje has been played by Cornelis Vreeswijk, Nils Poppe, Jan Malmsjö and Mikael Samuelson, among others.

In the musical, the protagonist Tevje struggles to preserve Jewish traditions when his daughters want to marry men who have not been chosen in a traditional way. The family conflict is being played against a fund of persecution against Jews and political opposites in Russia.

Ronny Danielsson is in the lead and in some of the other roles is Shebly Niavarani, Odile Nunes and Matilda Ragerstam. Premiere will be on August 24 at Dansen's house in Stockholm, as the premises of the Cultural House are being renovated in 2019.

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