Wednesday , September 28 2022

China investigates controversial gene investigator – HD



China investigates controversial gene investigators

Chinese authorities have begun an investigation of the gene investigator who claims to have changed the legacy of two newborn infants. At the same time, Swedish researchers demand a debate about the new genetic technicians. "The clock is five past twelve," says Professor Nils-Eric Sahlin.

A Chinese scientist claims to have changed the inheritance of a newborn twin couple. The purpose of the change is to make them more resistant to HIV, which causes AIDS.Picture: Reproductive Medicine Center / Skåne University Hospital

The researcher He Jianku told of his "attempt" – on Youtube. There he claimed he had changed the legacy of a newborn twin couple, Lulu and Nana. With the help of so-called crispr technology, the researcher should have changed the inheritance so that the children become resistant to HIV, that is, the virus that causes AIDS.

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