Wednesday , September 28 2022

Children hit by bus in Råcksta


The alarm about the accident came in at 4.30 pm on Tuesday. The information was then that a child had been hit by a bus in Råcksta.

Police and Emergency Services pulled out to the place.

"A child is injured and has been taken to a hospital with an ambulance helicopter," said Anna Westberg, president of the police in Stockholm.

The child's injunction is serious, police say.

Police and emergency services are still in place and interview people who witnessed the incident.

"We do not know what caused the accident, we are talking to people on the site," says Anna Westberg.

Has the driver been heard?

– I do not know. I have not received any information at all about the driver of the bus, "said Anna Westberg.

The bus will be seized for a technical examination.

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