Friday , August 19 2022

Blizzard rumors Advertise Diablo 4 soon –


There are few who may have missed the big headlines about Blizzard's announcement of Diablo Immortal. A reception that is not treated with great enthusiasm from players because it is a mobile game, and console and PC players are hungry on a fourth installment in the main series. However, Kotaku believes that Diablo 4 is on its way and is expected to be announced soon.

'' However, two people familiar with Blizzard's plans confirmed that the company had indeed recorded a video in which co-founder Allen Adham spoke to fans about a new Diablo project. What's in dispute here is the timing. We had originally reported that it was planned for BlizzCon, but it's possible that those plans were simply discussed and never solidified. (Either way, the video never came out.) We can confirm that Diablo 4 is indeed in development. Één av disse kildene fortalt mig at Diablo-teamet var ikke klar til å forpligte til en meddelelse, da Diablo 4 har ændret drastisk i løbet af de seneste fire årene og kan fortsætte med at forandre videre. (We've heard it's gone through at least two different iterations under different directors.) ''

How great is your longing for Diablo 4?

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