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Blackout can be unveiled during The Game Awards


Next game with one of the world's probably most infamous types of aliens seems to be named Alien: Blackout and more and more points to the game being revealed during The Game Awards 2018.

Since Ridley Scott's first film in the Alien universe was premiered in 1979, countless titles of titles that have taken on the popularity of the terrifying alien world shattered the store shelves.

The most recent title that received attention was the excellent Alien: Isolation from the year 2014. Prior to that, the game Colonial Marines received its attention, however, for quite other reasons.

Soon it will appear to be time for adventure that includes the bloodthirsty alienation. Last week, a patent from 20th Century Fox was noted for a game title called Alien: Blackout. This discovery went hand in hand with one tweet from the top of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, who on Twitter shared a photo with the text "Worlds Will Change".

The one who is reasonably involved in the Ridley Scotts Alien world notes that the font used in the image that Keighley shared is the same as the company Weyland-Yutani often uses. Weyland-Yutani is a fictional company like Scott's films, and most of the titles that play in the universe often contribute to some of the stories's antagonists. The company's slogan is "Building Better Worlds", a phrase similar to that Keighley shared on Twitter.

Last week an Alien-related image was also uploaded Twitter by the famous game developer Hideo Kojima who during a visit to Fox Studios posed with an object as for Alien fantasies should be easily recognizable.

The official Twitter account for The Game Awards responded to Kojima's tweet with the same slogan as in Geoff Keighley's post, "Worlds Will Change".

Which game studio that accounts for the development of Alien: Blackout is unrecognized at the time of writing. On the other hand, the website Eurogamer has speculated that it is a game studio called Cold Iron, purchased by a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox a few years ago.

Cold Irons official website shows that the studio is currently seeking new employees. This along with a picture of the infamous alien.

In a piece of information text on the Cold Irons website, it is also confirmed that "Studion is currently working on a new shooter based on the Alien series for PC and consoles." It remains to be seen if this game title is "Blackout" or not.

Whether or not a new Alien game actually appears during The Game Awards or not remains to be seen. The event will take place on December 6th, so the wait should not be too long for the one who sucks for new dusting with extraterrestrial death machines.

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