Saturday , September 25 2021

Bets on bitcoin in Norrbotten came true – the companies disappeared – P4 Norrbotten

In Älvsbyn, the company disappeared and left millions of debt and, in Kalix, the business never started.

In Älvsbyn, hope now Vattenfall is hoping to get back money for unpaid electricity bills.

"For Vattenfall's part we have applied for a detention, and mood, and in addition that the company will be bankrupt," says company lawyer Fredrik Sundin.

But something Greater hope of getting into debt, just over 14 million kronor, does not have Vattenfall.

"In all judgments, the prospect does not seem so brilliant, but we will do what we can of course.

The Miami-based company NGDC, which extracted bitcoin in Älvsbyn, suddenly ceased operations in the autumn.

The explanation was that Vattenfall cut the current due to unpaid electricity bills.

The municipality, which owns the industrial premises where NGDC had its business, has vainly attempted to contact the company, "says Helena Öhlund, the municipality council.

"What they have here inside the gates would be tasteful if they came and found out," she says.

In Älvsbyn does not have The municipality suffered financial damage due to the crypto-corporation, but in Kalix, where the company Chasquitech presented plans for bitcoin extraction this spring, the business was never running and the municipality is now trying to collect unpaid rents of half a million from the company.

Increased electricity prices due to the drought this summer and low bitco prices during the past six months can explain why some cryptographic companies have had problems, "says Patrik Öhlund, CEO of the industry company The Node Pole, which works with data center establishments.

But he thinks the future is bright for the industry as a whole and that today's 50's data centers around the country will be more.

"Looking five years ahead, we would not be surprised if we see a doubling, upwards of a hundred," says Patrik Öhlund.

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