Wednesday , May 18 2022

What would happen if artificial intelligence began to become aware of itself?


What else can I say about artificial intelligence when we meet it practically at every step? It is one of the biggest scientific findings and really a technology that is currently of great importance. We have it in social networks, security cameras, energy systems, traffic management systems, mobile devices, virtual assistants, and we would have found it. One of the most important areas where artificial intelligence can be found increasingly are non-self-conscious "human" beings. So what would happen if they did? Artificial Intelligence began to be aware of oneself and develop human qualities?

Matt Chessen, an American artificial intelligence researcher and a diplomat say that there are two definitions of artificial intelligence, and that one that is more familiar to us is the one that will shape the subject area in the future. It is about "deep learning" and "machine learning", both of which fall under artificial intelligence. Then learn the computer from previous samples – let's say that the computer has learned to recognize cat pictures.

Then we have "narrow AI", representing artificial intelligence, where the system or computer becomes a master in a particular field. We will probably remember when Google's "Alphago" beat the chess master.

Self-conscious artificial intelligence?

When we begin to talk about self-conscious artificial intelligence and robotics, we need to look at artificial intelligence with Matt Chessens 'intelligent model'. This model is divided into artificial general intelligence and artificial superintelligence. This is artificial intelligence that can do anything we do or do. It overcomes us in some activities.

Paradox Moravec says that the greatest challenge for artificial intelligence is the implementation of activities that seem trivial to humans. For example, this category contains the simplest mechanical movements. By 2015, most researchers in artificial intelligence announced that within 30 years they will replace most of the jobs occupied by people today.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to become self-conscious, but just like most experts in this area it takes quite some time to do this. What kind of artificial intelligence can give us this kind of artificial intelligence can only be guessed, but the forecasts show that the technology involved is very important in all parts of life.

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