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We should also punish locals for the benefit of the wheel


The campaign organizers, who received numerous awards, including at EU level, presented results and suggestions on how to handle alcoholic drivers and tragic stories that are often the result of alcohol-related road accidents.

Alcohol does not belong to the wheel. With this "salimo", both young and old but Slovenian, their views, according to statistics, do not get much. The only way to raise awareness, especially among young people, was the action Heroes in pajamas.

Heroes in pajamas are a few years ago, initiated by David Razgorš, from the institute VOZIM, with some outstanding Slovenian companies and state institutions. They have combined forces against lucky drivers, which are also very high among young people.

The heroes have pajamas Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil


Left dog


Driving to the left lane becomes a cancer wound of Slovenian highways

Young people often think that nothing can happen to them that they are immortal.

"We just wanna warn you about this. I'm sorry when we look back on traffic safety data. For these details, there are stories about both our members and other stories"

says Razgoršek, who is also handicapped on a wheelchair because of a traffic accident.

Alcohol is a major problem among young people

Statistics are enough to show that every fourth car accident in Slovenia is caused by a young driver, that the cause of every fifth accident is alcohol. Only in year 3312 traffic accidents were caused by young drivers, 317 were alcoholized and four died.

The core of the project is to reduce the number of traffic accidents that affect alcohol and to inform young and old about transporting their homes before going to a party. Slovenia is still above the European average of drivers of traffic accidents affected by alcohol and even victims, and young people are often ashamed even though their parents are waiting in front of the bar to go home after a party.

The heroes have pajamas Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

Organizers want to inform you that you are not a hero if you are drunk after a party in a car and drive home or go to an alcoholic. You're the hero if you get up in the middle of the night and pick up the young after the party and go home. They point out that there are fewer parents, brothers, sisters, uncle, tet, friends who rise in the middle of the night and "in pajamas" come to the young outside the nightclub. They want to say that this is not a shameful act, but a heroic and "cool" action.


Is the picture or not?


Faster driving: How long is your payment order going to your home?

Organizers make sure that many parents are also heroes, and young people want to deter alcohol and drive under the influence of alcohol or with an alcoholic person, as well as the driver who is handicapped waiting for them after the car in the car. In this way, they also want to deter young from shocking actions by shock therapy.

The heroes have pajamas Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

In Japan, they also punish the store

One of the drivers in one of the seven municipalities where the promoters conducted the campaign is Toyota Adriana's president, who is part of the Kensuki Cuchi project, who told us how the alcohol problem was solved in Japan. In Japan, all those charged by the police who were lucky behind the wheel were fined between 4,000 and 8,000 euros. He also pays a fine of 4000 euros to the person in the car with him and knows that the driver is driving under the influence of alcohol. A fine of 4000 euros is also paid by the driver that allows the full driver to get the car. However, a fine is also the place where the alcohol driver was driven and also the closure of the bar. In Japan, you can also leave work if they are full behind the wheel.

The heroes have pajamas Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

Road bump


What causes high speed hovering

Therefore, the organizers of the Heroji Furaja campaign in their pajamas remind another aspect, which is still underdeveloped in Slovenia. That is, the entertainment organizer should arrange the organized transport of people from the entertainment he organizes.

More and more young women are picking up

The organizers of the action in this area also work a lot with the municipalities, not just schools. For this purpose, they prepared and issued a "First Aid Kit" this year, named Heroes Furjaja in Pajamas, which will be distributed in municipalities containing all instructions on how to handle the problem and how to solve the problem of lucky drivers, the young ones Do not even sit behind the wheel or a vehicle driven by an alcoholic driver.

The heroes have pajamas Author: Gregor Prebil

Gregor Prebil

fire, trojans, tunnels,


Drunk in the middle of a Trojan tunnel turned and drove in the opposite direction

As dr.

Maja Roškar

from the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), alcohol is more than a traffic problem is a social problem. She stated that just because of health problems caused by alcohol, two people die daily in Slovenia, add alcohol to the wheel and related disasters die three to four people daily in Slovenia. Every day 10 people are admitted to the hospital, which in some way becomes sick due to the consequences of alcohol consumption. It is scary that more and more young people under the age of 35 are full. This means that by the end of the week when parties are consumed, large quantities of alcohol are consumed, as is the scary fact that more and more young women are alcoholized, so that both sexes in relation to alcohol should be treated equally.

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