Saturday , October 1 2022

The Chrome browser comes to the ARM Processor window


The Windows operating system has recently been operating on computers with ARM processors, but users are deprived of the use of the Chrome browser there because they must use the embedded Microsoft Edge browser instead.

However, collaboration between Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm, as it seems, brings the popular browser to such a hardware platform. As you know, Windows 10 on the ARM platform now uses the virtualization strategy for applications written for the X86 / X64 machine platform. But this approach also has an important attention to implementation, which is still known for ARM-based computers.

The Chrome browser was already available for short time already in Microsoft Store, but was soon backed by Microsoft because it did not support Windows environmental components, especially the kernel for displaying HTML pages and applications in JavaScript. Now, partners seem to find a common language, because Microsoft has even dedicated some engineers to download the Chrome browser to the ARM window.

It seems to be all winners, because Chrome is a popular browser on all platforms, but Windows 10 on ARM simply can not afford not to support it. This is not the only collaboration between Microsoft and Google, because they also work together on dual bootup of Windows 10 on Chromebooks where only Google Chrome OS has been used so far.

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