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The 19-year-old in Australia passed a matura in Slovenian


19-year-old Julia Cvetkovich, Who has lived in Australia since she was seven years old, has completed her mata in Slovenian language in her new home country, published on the Ministry of Education's website.

Matura from the Slovenian language, like her Slovenian anniversary, performed in May this year. In the last few days she also met other food salmon. The school year in Australia depends on the end of November 15th. The results will be learned in January, while Julia has already learned the results from the Slovenian language. She performed it with a score of 5 on a grading scale of up to 7 in Australia.

Julia now has a holiday, in a conversation published on the ministry's website, she laughs laughingly that she and his friends do not know what to do in February when the academic year begins.

Born in Slovenia, she went to Australia for seven years

In July she was born in Slovenia, and she started to go to the primary school in Domžale. When she was seven, she moved to Australia with her parents at the end of the year. Only in Melbourne, where she did not have to sit in the school bench at the end of January when she started school. Then she entered the third grade. At first she was not easy because she did not speak English. "I had trouble with English, and everyone looks at you like a stranger differently, because you are not theirs. Originally, I was absent from math and other topics because I had to go to English classes,"She tells. When she won it became easier.

The parents then moved to Brisbane, where she continued her education, as in Australia lasts for 12 years. "Primary and secondary school are mainly united,"She explains Julia, when she finished her ninth grade, she decided to enroll in Queensland Academies for Creative Industries. She chose the school because she offers an international matura because she would like to leave as many doors as possible.

A major organizational challenge

"I knew if I wanted to study in Slovenia, I felt very good at the Slovenian language. I know it well in conversation, I also write with friends from Slovenia, but I do not know literary Slovenian, I judged. How do you also fill the food from the Slovenian language? We went to mother with this, we contacted the school where they told us that I had to find a teacher who would prepare me for a mata in Slovenian. First, we searched among Slovenian in Australia, but nobody could learn to learn according to the criteria that are appropriate for international food. Then we searched in Slovenia and came to a Slovenian language teacher Mojs Osvald, who teaches at the Bežigrad Gymnasium,"she described a long way to mature from the Slovenian language.

At her home school she met an English teacher once a week and reported to her how she learned a Slovenian teacher, otherwise she had constant contact with Mojca Osvald. She is enthusiastic about working with her. "With Mojca Osvald, we have been in touch since last year via Skype. We finished the literature I had to read, I wrote an essay and did everything else, which requires a matura from the Slovenian language. " During this time they met twice in Slovenia.

Will she study in Ljubljana?

"I'm looking forward to February when I'm going to study. I hope to be accepted at Queensland University of Technology. It offers a study exchange with the Ljubljana Faculty,says Julia.

He does not intend to do all studies in Slovenia. "Australia is home to my family, I have my own business here, I have become used to Australia, so I would not go to Slovenia for five years. In addition, Slovenia is not as famous as the state, so I think the Australian diploma opens several doors to me. "

The question you do not prefer: Where is it better?

Julia likes Slovenia. She is most angry when asked where she is finer, in Slovenia or in Australia. "It's like asking you which of your parents you prefer. "

She says Australia offers more job opportunities and lives that she likes. "The service in Australia allows a person to have enough free time for himself and for the family. It's the same in school. When I was in Slovenia, my teacher Mojca, with permission from the management of high school Bežigrad, invited me to his class at Bežigraj Gymnasium. I have a feeling that it is quite stressful in Slovenian schools. It was more relaxed with us. In the class there are, for example, seat balls available for yoga, bags can also be placed on the floor as you wish. Everything is very relaxed. Teachers are friendly, they get different ways to learn. It does not matter which way you get to know. It's important to win it. I love school, I really have good experiences with her. She gave me a lot. Knowledge, experience for life, they taught me how to organize your time, but at the same time it is important that school always allows free time too. My parents were also very open, and they did not require me to carry my home for just one week, which is the highest estimate in Australia. Estimates are important for getting to the university. "

In the end, did they ask her what she wanted in the future? "I want joy and health in my life," she replied. "I want such a life and a job that lets you have a privacy and a family. "

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