Sunday , October 2 2022

Nicks mother and Aneti came to her


Another visit took care of the new dose of drama. Nika visited mom Gordana, who, like him, is a real entertainer, at the same time without hair in his tongue. "We are very fond of Nik, we have a special band, we go together, in the first phase we are friends. Everything tells me." If she has a girlfriend, I say, "Take her home to see the devil," she said. . She immediately noticed that she was only Aneta She did not come to say goodbye, so Nik took her to the room and presented her to Aneti, and then they started "my father-in-law" on the "leg of the leg."

Aneta told Nika to take her hand for six months and teach her, but Gordana replied, "No, no, what he learned, he did. If you want, take it forever." She felt Aneta being avoided, for the only one not to say hello.

"We have already started, the jacket is" punchy ", no one gets quiet, the classic," commented Nik. Before Gordana read the band about Aneta, and that she would jump into the bedside with Nik. "It's said that you have a boyfriend. So you're single? When did you come? Now in between? So she does not know herself, and she does not know yet?" She was tough. Aneta commented that if she were really a couple with Nik, his mother would be "killed". "We are both" mushy "and" gazebly ". I'd run away."

"She wants to get grown up, but she's a little too soft. But she's cute." If Nick wants it easy, I'll just visit, have some coffee and go. "

Thanks to Nika, can you get a friendly attitude?

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