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Newcomer Trae Young confident: By the end of the season, I'll be better than Doncic!

21 June 2018 will be written in the history of the Slovenian basketball for all eternity in golden letters. This was the day when Atlanta Hawks made the NBA NBA list as the third pick of the Slovenian miracle boyfriend Luko Doncic. A former member of Real Madrid did not have an Atlanta team shirt because a team from Georgia Doncic was immediately sent to Dallas in exchange for Traee Younga. That's what the Texas team chose fifth on the set. Many experts were surprised at the move of the Atlantic and told them that they had replaced a better basketball player for the worse. And lately Young has listened to such complaints, but he defends himself and decides firmly that the award for this year's best newcomer will fly in his hands after the end of the season.

"Luke, Luke is a good player and I really do not understand why you're not happy with both of them and are happy with the decision of both clubs. I always hear Atlanta made a mistake when Luki decided to go to Dallas. to become an even better player in the future, but at the same time I can make sure I have not shown myself all the time and that I can improve myself, for example, to read the "game" perfectly and I can give it. I will end the season better than him, "he said.20-year-old Texan responded to their complaints.

Statistics speak for Doncic
Although (up to now) was the only match between Atlanta and Dallas Youngovs Atlanta, statistically, the Slovenian national team is advantageous after 14 matches. At the duel, Atlanta Young scored 17 points, while Doncic scored 21 points for losers. And immediately after this match, American analysts and experts started comparing both players, who will also fight for their newcomers in the season.


According to games played so far in the strongest basketball league in the world (both played 14) Dončić is in front of Young in all statistical terms, except in the number of achievements, which Trae pointed out as his advantage over Luko. As mentioned, the city of Ljubljana is better in the average number of points that have been made (19.1 to 17.5), better jumpers (6.4 vs 3.4) and are significantly more accurate in play (46.8% against 41, 1%). It is necessary to stress that Dončić spends some more time on the parquet than his Atlanta-based competitor. The Slovenian average plays 33.6 minutes per game, while Young 30.4. There is no doubt about two best basketball players who stand out in their baptism season after talent. This will be very long and tough, so many things can change in the struggle for a beginner of the year in the world's strongest and most vulnerable media.


Who won the prize last year?
During the 2017/18 season was the name of this year's newcomer Ben Simmons, which for comparison ended the season with the following statistics in Philadelphia jersey. He scored 15.8 points on average, 8.1 rebounds, 8.2 rebounds and an average of 33.7 minutes on the floor. In battle for this year's novice he hit Donovan Mitchell, who finished the match in the NBA league with an average of 20.5 points, 3.7 returns and 3.7 deliveries. This shows that it is not necessary for a beginner to be one who has made more points per game during the season.

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