Sunday , October 2 2022

Matjaž KEK has already revealed three obvious SUPERIORS! Enlightenment will surely NOTHING!


Colleges from the printed edition of the SN team have already reported that the new Slovenian coach becomes Matjaž Kek and that for his first assistant – the head coach, whom he calls himself – he does not like the word assistant – his name is Igor Benedejčič, who until now exercised the role of executive the head of the Slovenian voter, and with his positivity he gathered many.

And it turned out they were the correct edition of the SN team's printed edition. Matjaž Kek confirmed today that he will be his head coach or first assistant Igor Benedejčič. And not just the honest Kek has revealed another two of his assistants, but as he pointed out, the expert has not yet been completed. Keku will also be assisted by Luka Brkljak, with whom he participated in Rijeka, as well as Borut Mavrič, who until now will continue training Slovenian goalkeepers.

"You need people around you who are experts ready to tear and willing to take responsibility. I'm not a wizard, I have no magic sticks, but I'm sure we can do a lot together" says Kek.

Milivoje Novaković will remain in the national team, which, under the direction of Tomaž Kavčič, will carry out assignments as technically responsible for the national team. Will he be part of the team? Will Kek join someone who was part of the Golden Slovenian generation who played at the World Cup in South Africa? "I'm out of pure direct communication and I've been telling the concrete things I've agreed with people so far." I did not bother much about anything, first you have to start working so you can start moving, I have ideas, I think of many. In the next few days, my discussions with players will begin, and at the same time a professional staff will be formed. As soon as there is a change, journalists and thus the public will be informed. I do not wait until the beginning of March qualifications I reveal my colleagues, because I advocate that the national team must speak honestly, " Kek answered.

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