Saturday , January 16 2021

Marko Potrč was booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle

Slovenia has problems with coronavirus. Thus, because of him, we are divided into positives and negatives, as well as those who advocate government action, and those who do not or do not want to fight the deadly disease covid 19 differently. In which box would you squeeze Marko Potrč, which raises many questions during the fight against the coronavirus, we will not judge, but we can say that he received a reminder before the trial due to the publication of the young doctor’s information and her record, which was private.

How Potrč got the record, which was sent to the list of young doctors, is not known. However, it is quite possible that it was handed over to him by one of those on the list of young doctors. After all, we also have doctors in Slovenia who do not agree with the method of fighting coronavirus, and it is very possible that someone did not even agree with the young doctor.

Potrč published his words as well as the author’s name and last name and also commented on the album.

She was the subject of accusations and discredits

The pre-trial warning, which was published by the young doctors on their Facebook page, shows that Potrč is accused of illegally publishing a private e-mail (the crime of unauthorized publication of private documents). But that’s not all. The young doctor’s lawyer writes that she was exposed in a negative context. He also writes that the young doctor, due to the publication of Marko Potrč, was the subject of accusations and discredits, personal insults and comments that did not even reach the minimum value of dignity, and that she was also threatened. As a result of all this, according to a publicly issued reminder before the lawsuit, she feels seriously affected, as she was illegally exposed to the public online. The lawyer further states that Potrč, to the best of his knowledge, has complied with the legal signs of the crime that offends the charge and even indicates imprisonment that is threatened for such an act.

In the end, the lawyer concludes that Potrč “may have fulfilled the legal signs of at least two crimes in a row, which will of course be judged by the competent court”.

How can he avoid trial

In a pre-trial reprimand, Potrča, on behalf of the client, requested that the post (including the doctor’s email or video mentioning her name and all comments) be removed from the social network within 24 hours of receiving the letter, apologizing to her and offering to in their followers to refrain from insulting, threatening with physical attacks or even following these threats. If he does not do so, his lawyer threatens to sue him.

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