Saturday , September 25 2021

Many of the shares: explosive growth in prices of shares in cannabis production companies

Due to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, a series of public offerings from cannabis production companies showed their shares almost explosive growth.

For example, Canopy Growth Corp shares can be achieved more than 500% growth. The value of the shares in Tilray Inc., which was the first public offer in July, has grown already with more than 100 percent. The wave of US companies that open first public offerings in Canadian markets has attracted investors to pay attention to this sector. This can cause extremely high growth.

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Below is a detailed overview of the price increase of shares in cannabis production companies during the period 30 October to 2 November this year:

Company Name

stock Symbol

Growth of stock prices during the period 30.1002:11.

Aurora Canabis



Cronos Group



Canopy Growth Corp.



GW Pharmaceuticals



Even Europeans want a piece of this cake. The Danish company StenoCare last week added its shares to the stock list, making it the first company in Europe to raise investors' interest in the marijuana industry. The stock price for this company was, since it first appeared on the Danish-Swedish stock exchange on October 26, tripled.


When legalizing marijuana, the Canadian government hopes to get a rich portion of the cake on the market, which, according to Deloitte, from about $ 4.9 to $ 8.7 billion a year. Marijuana business has also increased significantly in California. According to BDS Analytics, licensed marijuana sales are likely to amount to $ 3.4 billion this year. The legitimate sales represent only a small part of the estimated total possible demand for marijuana in the United States, ranging from 50 to 55 billion dollars, including demand for the black market.

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