Wednesday , October 5 2022

Krkovic rejected 35 thousand euros of compensation offered by the state


Today, in Ljubljana District Court, an action has been filed for the reimbursement of retired Brigadier Anton Krkovič against the country because of the time spent in prison after a later invalid conviction in the Patria case. The offer from a prosecutor for compensation worth 35 thousand euros seems to be shamefully low, reported POP TV.

According to POP TV, Krkovič told the court that the press, fears and suffering because of the prison and 10-year-old Kalvarija were in court. Before today's hearing, he said that this trial is not happy because he has to move all over again.

The compensation of 35 thousand euros, offered by the state, was rejected as a shameful low. It believes that the damage he caused during the trial and the prison can not be "refunded with a more generous salary to the boss". The retired brigade insists on the alleged compensation of 600,000 euros.

In his application, he alleges, inter alia, that he was imprisoned for deliberate abuse of criminal proceedings. In this he refers to claims that Supreme Court President Branko Masleša, in one of the Ljubljana cafes, stated that the defendants in the Patria case would be condemned at all costs. The state lawyer Mojca Modic Zule said that this statement was already challenged, as other top judges were present at local time, claiming that Masleš did not explain this.

It will be discussed by Krkovic's testimony and witnesses will continue on January 15, reported POP TV.

Krkovič was found guilty of the case of Patria, together with SDS champion Janez Janša and power of attorney for Rotis Ivan Črnkovič. The Constitutional Court annulled the infringement proceedings but later it was decided before the new trial began. Črnkovič, who sued the state for EUR 13.4 million in compensation, recently settled for almost 63 thousand euros. When Janša's trial arrived, this was closed for 176 days and it claims 901.119 euros from the state, but it is not yet known.

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