Tuesday , April 20 2021

I'm fond of "El Vasico" and jump to the top 2. SNL, win for Illyria and Beltince

The other division's clubs will end in the first half of the week. The football players Kalcer from Radomlje climbed to the top of the second Slovenian league in the 15th round after being shot by Roltek Dob with a 3-1 win in the local derby, also known as "El Vasico". So far, leading Bravo, who, like Kalcer 33 points, has just removed this point (0: 0) on a trip to Ankaran Postojna.

In front of 700 spectators in Radomlje, guests were taken for 12 minutes by Gabri Petric, while in the second half of Gal Primoc, Rok Jazbec and Anel Hajrić took the lead in the second half with 19 goals scored by the best goalkeeper.

With 0: 0, the rescue of Drava and Fužinar ended. Brda lost home with Biljam with 0: 1, and Jadran against Rogaška with 2: 3. Krka defeated Sežana Tabor with 1: 0.

With Sunday matches between Ilirija 1911 and Nafta 1903 and Beltinci – Brežice Terme Čatež finished the 15th round of the 2nd SNL. They won the home team by 2: 0 and 2: 1, but the matchdown did not significantly affect the scale, after Saturday's top matches with 33 points Kalcer Radomlje and Bravo.

Top Scorer:

19 – Anel Hajrić (Radomlje)
12 – Papa Ibou Kebe (Tabor)
9 – Jaka Bizjak (Drava), Matthias Olubori Ayodluwa Fanimo (Drava), Mustafa Nukic (Bravo),

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