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Home medicine against annoying and painful evening

With theft, in the months when our resistance is much more challenging, many people meet. If you are a woman, this information contains you even more.


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The reasons for the existence of acts are quite numerous. From mechanical, cutting, bits and aggressive foods and drinks to mental, hormonal, genetic and health. Afte can occur when we are stressed or lacking some nutrients if we are allergic or sensitive to a particular type of food, experiencing hormonal changes or having family affairs, and according to some research, the reason is also gender – women should be much more prone to this problem. Afte is usually treated for one to two weeks, but some pharmaceutical preparations may be helpful in the form of gels and disinfectants, but unfortunately you leave an unpleasant feeling and taste in your mouth and teeth. If you want to handle nature naturally, there are some tips here.

Grill saltwater

If you mix a teaspoon of salt with two deciliters of lukewarm water, you will get a blissful solution that is perfect for washing your mouth when you are suffering from afters, counseled by a dentist. Saltwater is full and drains the wounds, making them quicker to heal and at the same time delays the pain temporarily. The only unpleasant thing is the first touch on the water with salt water, which can be quite hot. But over time, the pain of the affected area changes.

Use magnesium milk

Magnesium milk or magnesium hydroxide is often used for medical purposes. For example, we know him as a medicine for heartburn or constipation. And if the basic nature calms acid in the stomach, it can neutralize acid in the mouth, preventing the treatment of the stems. In addition, magnesium hydroxide forms a kind of protective film on aftah, which additionally protects them against exposure to acids. Rinse with magnesium milk rinse or apply it with a cotton swab directly to the bottom.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Because the soda is base, it helps to neutralize acids in the mouth that irritate the evening while they are cleansing and calming. Prepare the flush mixture in the same way as the saline solution.


Because the presence of sterns is strongly associated with a weak immune system, enjoy so much fruit and vegetables, cereals and other natural sources of vitamins and minerals.


Afte can be exacerbated by certain substances found in toothpaste and oral water. Sodium laurilsulfate, which is better known during SLS, is a foaming agent that strongly stimulates phthalate.

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