Tuesday , September 28 2021

Gregor Hrovat returns to Stožice to take his swap against Germany

In November, Petrol Olimpija started promising for the baseball player, with victory over Sixt Primorsko with 20 points difference, but continued tragically. After four smooth defeats on three fronts, they can not get down from the train's trains, they must remain on the tracks as they know and know. Because the trees at 20.30 await the game in the 6th round of the Fiba Champions League with Bayreuth.

The Ljubljana people experience a similar European history than the Germans: both teams have so far only achieved a victory (both over Ostende) in Group D, where a group of four favorites for the eighth finale has already reached. Ancient rivals have fought last year and have been a successful guest since then, since the law has undergone major personnel configurations. Petrol Olimpia fans are familiar with many new faces in the company today Zoran Martic and they try to discover their characteristics, and Bayreuth has retained four options since last year. It was also among his summer reinforcements Gregor Hrovat, one of the very rare in this millennium wearing Olympic jersey for four consecutive seasons, and a member of the gold national team of last year's EP Žiga Dimec, which, however, did not have happy hands in Bayreuth. He has only played on the first two of a total of 12 matches in LP and DP.

It's better to go to Hrovat because it plays 25 minutes a night on the European stage. With an average of 7.2 points, the team's sixth goalkeeper stands out Hassan Martin (point 12.4 points) and The & # 39; Mon Brooks (11.8), organizer David Stockton (10.8), otherwise one of the four sons of the legendary Utah conductor John Stockton, who has two more daughters, and Adonis Thomas (8.4). The Germans want to play hard and fast, and they come to the last years in Ljubljana after winning 87:71 home win over Ostend on Sunday in Frankfurt after the German League game (91:81).

The state of the Spirit in Stožice is hard to judge at that time. Olimpija is in a challenging race where her basketball players either begin to show their progress or solve a series of high defeats that can dangerously solve their competitive driving. Coach Martic is only ten months on the bench of the Slovenian champion, but he probably goes for years. For a long time, he has repeated his mantra that his basketball players are physically weak to be able to match the middle class rivals, because the public rightly began to make unpleasant issues. Among other things, who chose the year's performance – coach or director Roman Lisac – that he did not take into account the needs of the center with a kilo of muscle

"Our old acquaintances come to Ljubljana, but if Bayreuth is compared to that from last season, it changes quite a bit. It is a typical team in the Champions League without extremely high basketball players, but in the external situation there are many basketball players with good sport skills, Says Martic.

Scorers for gasoline Olimpija in LP: Spanish (played in 4 games) 16, Lapornik 12.8, Reynolds (3) 9.7, Begic and Mesicek 8.2, Jones 7.2, Lazic 6.8, Radulovic 4.4, Sanon 3.2, Shamanić 3, Bubnić 1.8, Badzim (3) 1.7, Rebec (3) without a point, Tratnik, Simonovic and Kastrati have not played.

Couples in the 6th round in Group D today: Petrol Olimpija – Bayreuth (20.30), Neptune Klaipeda – Promitheas (18); Wednesday: Virtus Bologna – Strasbourg (20.30), Ostend – Besiktas (20.30); order: Virtus 5-0, Strasbourg and Promitheas 4-1, Neptune 3-2, Bayreuth, Petrol Olympias, Besiktas and Ostend 1: 4.

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