Sunday , October 2 2022

General Motors will forgive and shut down the factories, Trump is angry


As part of the company's restructuring, the US car giant General Motors announced that it would close up to five plants in North America and abolish up to 15,000 jobs. This has provoked local politicians and unions, like the White House, because the plan is diametrically opposed to the president's promises Donald Trump increase the number of jobs in industry or production. In addition, two factories will be closed in Michigan, and one in Ohio, in two selected very important federal states.

Ends for six types of vehicles

The company says that the business loss is not a reason for the closure of five factories in the US and Canada, and two on other continents. The main switch to electric and self-propelled vehicles, where the future of the car market will be, and where competitors are already on their way. Another reason for the closure of factories is the reduction of vehicle sales, such as limousines, cars and sports cars. For Chevrolet Cruze, for example, 22 percent are less this year, reports Reuters. General Motors will therefore cease to manufacture six types of vehicles, in addition to the previously mentioned Chevrolet Chevrolet Impala, Hybrid Chevrolet Volt, Buick Lacrosee, Cadillac CT6 and Cadillac XTS. They are expected to produce more vehicles of other forms in demand, earning $ 6 billion annually.

Because the factories of the largest American vehicle manufacturer are designed to produce only one type of vehicle in each, it means closing the plants. In total, they should be fired by up to 15,000 people, but some are expected to find work at other factories. The company did not accelerate the completion of Trump's imposition of tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, although the automotive industry is one of the biggest losers of this measure. They reported that $ 1 billion this year.

Political dimensions of the decision

The political and union response to the company's decision, which was resolved with state money after the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2009 was immediate, including Trump, who, after speaking with General Motors Mary Barra said: "I was very hard … I said: You know, this country has done a lot for General Motors. It's better to get there soon." The president believes the company should start producing a new car in the same facilities . What is unlikely to be.

Detroit's decision is particularly annoying for Trump, as it always claims that the White House is concerned about the job in the United States back with its policy. The terrain where it happened is annoying. Ohio is recently the most important federal state for the presidential election in Florida because it is relatively large and the result is unpredictable. Michigan, where General Motors will close production line in Detroit-Hamtramck and Warren, is a typical country where the disappointed 2016 working class reversed Hillary Clinton back and supported Trump by a close majority. Another engine factory will be shut down in Maryland.

Thus, the event gives the Democrats the opportunity to criticize the president. Democratic Congress Tim Ryan from Ohio, who also represents the Lordstowen area with the factory that General Motors will shut down, wrote: "I turn President Trum to keep the word he gave when he visited last year when he said jobs would come back." They're all coming back. . Do not leave Do not sell houses, "he said. But until now President Trump slept. Our society is required to explain."

Frustration also in Canada

They are also disappointed by Canada, where a factory in Oshawa near Toronto is closed, probably next December. The plant has more than a century's tradition and employs 2,500 people and is also important in the country, which participated in 2009 to save the American car industry. "I'm deeply disappointed. General Motors employees have been the heart and soul of Oshawa for several generations," said the Canadian premier Justin Trudeau and Mary Barra also reported their feelings.

Trade unions say they have not yet said the last one. Canadian claims that the notice of closure of the factory constitutes a breach of the company's undertakings from collective bargaining agreements. Labor associations in the US automotive industry also announce actions and accuse the company of continuing to move jobs abroad. "General Motors predictable decision to reduce or stop production lines at US plants while boosting them in Mexico and China, from where they sell cars to American consumers, are seriously detrimental to the US labor force," said CNN, vice president of the United Auto Workers Union. Terry Dittes.

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