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Ivica Todoric

67-year-old Ivica Todoric in court in London, after deciding that this would be handed over to Croatia in late October. Photo: Reuters

The prosecution charges it with corruption, fraud and counterfeiting of documents

November 7, 2018 at 20:41,
Last intervention: 7 November 2018 at 21:42
Zagreb – MMC RTV SLO, Radio Slovenia

Former President and CEO of Agrokor, Ivica Todorić, returned to Croatia on Wednesday night from London, where he was immediately transferred by the judicial authorities to a prison in Zagreb.

Two weeks ago, the High Court of London decided that there was no barrier to Todorić's extradition to Croatia, where the trial is under way for economic fraud in Agrokor.

"Nothing can stop me, I go even further into battle" Two weeks ago, former president Agrokor said after the High Court of London confirmed the decision to hand him over to Croatia.

Journalists on Wednesday could not make Todorić because they were constantly protected by Croatian and British police officers. He first entered the plane and left the last one, and then the police immediately transported him to Remetinec detention center. Todorić will be heard by investigating judges within 24 hours.

Agrokor claims to have injured 1 billion euros
Todoric is waiting for a hearing before the investigators and the investigating judge, while the detention order is ordered because the prosecution has not yet heard all the witnesses. Agrokor, the former owner of Agrokor, who passed the settlement process by the largest creditors, accuses the Croatian prosecution of corruption, fraud and counterfeiting of documents, which Agrokor claims to have hurt with a billion euros.

A. V., Tanja Borčić Bernard, Radio Slovenia

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