Friday , September 24 2021

Faster Internet also for mobile users

DNS is now also available for Android and iOSDNS is now also available for Android and iOS

Do you want faster and safer Internet? For a DNS server, use domain It is available to everyone, but you can set it in just a few simple steps. From now on, it is also available for Android and iOS.

What is this and how it works? The case is extremely simple. Each time you enter a web page, such as, you do not understand this computer in your web browser. The Internet is essentially a collection of interconnected computers that are used to using binary data or data formats in the form of numbers. Therefore, when you enter a URL, it converts to a numeric mail with the Domain Name Server (DNS) server.

Only this server depends on how fast you will see the desired webpage. Unnamed: If the server is slow and can not handle a large amount of data at a time, it may delay access to a particular site for several seconds.

It is also important that such a server is discreet and reliable. Most home users use domain servers as much as an ISP, which is not well maintained and can be followed by the user at each step or every visit to the site. Consequently, your ISP can quickly find out which webpages you visit and how long you live in them.

So why

Cloud Flare, which has servers around the world, is mainly behind this domain and is primarily intended for users who own their own website.

Their servers are among the safest and most trusted in the world, and they are also discreet because they do not store any data. It is for this reason that surfing the World Wide Web is getting faster and more private.

You can easily download the application application from Google Play or the App Store.

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