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Djokovics smashing victory and Zverev's first success

The second day at the last tennis tournament in London, there were no big surprises. In the first account, Aleksander Zverev kicked 7: 6 (5), 7: 6 (1) Croats Marina Čilić. An evening meeting between Novak Djokovic and John Isner, who first participated in the final tournament, was assigned Srb 6: 4 and 6: 3.

Evening duel belonged to Novak Djokovic and John Isner. The Serbian tennis star got his eighth bribe, while Isner remains with two wins.

At the final tournament, Djokovic won the last win five times, and this time he began to get very fast. Srb is in the first group of Americans

The meeting between Isner and Djokovic was followed by football star Cristiano Ronaldo with his family.

The meeting between Isner and Djokovic was followed by football star Cristiano Ronaldo with his family.
Photo: Reuters

once took a service game and got the first set with 6: 4. In the second set Djokovic had three last balls for Isner's service, he used the third.

The first holder of the final tournament thus motivated the role of a favorite and a tough American tennis player who defeated Spain Rafael Nadal in the tournament, relied reliably after an hour and 14 minutes on the second Monday's match. Srb only made six unreliable errors, while the Americans made 26 of them.

Aleksander Zverev made the first victory against Marin Čilić.

Aleksander Zverev made the first victory against Marin Čilić.
Photo: Reuters

Beast's first victory

The first in the magnificent hall O2 was taken by Alexander Zverev and Marin Čilić. For the player this was the seventh mutual match, and the young German reached the sixth win in the match against Croatia (6: 1).

The German tennis player has badly opened a meeting against Čilić, who already led 5-2 in the first set, but Zverev managed to force an expanded game that he won by 7: 5. In the second set, both tennis players succeeded in losing the game at his service one Once, Zverev managed to get the first-last ball in the lead by 5: 4, but Cilic with a good service stayed in the match. In the extension game, the German used the first of the five finishing balls and celebrated his first victory in the final tournament.

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What happens to Roger Federer?

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Roger Federer ran into a mine

Group A
Alexander Zverev (Easy) 1 victory – 0 losses
Novak Djokovic (Serbia) 1 victory – 0 defeat
John Isner (USA) 0 wins – 1 loss
Marin Čilić (Hrv) 0 win – 1 loss

Group B
Kevin Anderson (Jar) 1 victory – 0 losses
Kei Nisikori (Jap) 1 victory – 0 losses
Roger Federer (Swi) 0 wins – 1 loss
Dominic Thiem (Avt) 0 win – 1 loss

tournament Format
The players are initially divided into two groups of four players each. Each group plays each with each, which means that each player has at least three duels. The semi-finals include the best two from each group. The semi-final winners then play the big finals. The players play in two sets.

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