Saturday , October 1 2022

You also pay for Google Pay in Slovak e-stores


In Slovakia there is the possibility to pay online through Google Pay. While you pay mobile in stores through this simple and secure payment method, Slovak users have already acquired and enjoyed, on the internet, Google Pay was only available on global platforms. Thanks to Google's partnership with PayU and Global Payments Europe, GPay will also be paid by local e-stores like Nay, Datart, Mall, Heureka, Regiojet, Notino and Zoot. The biggest advantage of this solution saves time, as the user no longer needs to fill in the long payment forms.

The first Slovak store as integrated Google Pay in its application and directly on its website is the Slovak electronics retailer Nay. "We have always tried to be pioneers in innovation and new technologies, so the integration of Google Pay on our site and in the app was obvious. In particular, Google Pay will provide our customers with greater convenience and faster payment, which fundamentally affects customer satisfaction and hence the frequency of their visits " says Martin Derňar, Head of Internet Sales at Nay.

Particularly convenient

Google Pay users are now expanding their online payment options significantly. Significant Global Payments Europe (GPE) and PayU Transaction Technology Providers have integrated GPays payment method directly into their payment gateway. This allows hundreds of online stores to offer their customers a GPay payment without having to provide additional payment information.

On every corner

Through Google Pay, it is now possible to pay for more than 43,000 stores in Slovakia. Google continues to work to expand its network of partners. The mobile payment system for its application was also included by the European bus company FlixBus or the global AirBnB service.

No needlessness

Google Pay makes it easy and secure to pay in stores, on the internet, and on mobile apps. The customer does not need to carry a wallet, he / she only attaches the mobile to the contact-free terminal when he pays in the store, and he / she does not have to fill in the form with the payment information over and over again. In addition to payment cards, Google Pay can also store and use loyalty cards and gift cards.

Security above all

GPay is basically security. When you pay for a store, e-store, or app, Google Pay does not share your debit card with a merchant. If you lose or steal your phone, users can first determine the location of your phone with "Find My Device." Then you can either unlock it with a new password or delete it with all data. In any case, you do not need to disable your credit card because it is not on the phone.

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