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VIDEO Slovan succeeded in nervous duel during Zobor, champion from Trnava fell to Zemplín

Goalkeeper Lukáš Hroššo of FC Nitra
Goalkeeper Lukáš Hroššo of FC Nitra

NITRA – Favorite guests could take the lead 13 minutes into the game, but keeper Hroššo made a good save on Holman's shot. Slovan had the pressure, Križan kicked off Mohs's shot 19 minutes into the match.

In the next stage, Slovan claims the music, and he managed to make a penalty in the penalty area 38 minutes into the penalty area. In 45 minutes, Hroššo Šporaraa's big shot eliminated, but a few moments were not enough to place the Holman shot.

Nitra did not put the pistols and, at the beginning of the second half, the Fábry shot reduced from the sixth limit. 57 minutes into the match, the visitors' central line of defense had to look on as Greifov's back, but his shot hit the post after a nice combination in the middle of the park. After the game he got Sporar's second yellow card and had to go under the shower early. Nitra tried to think of something about Slovan, but failed to get a clean chance. 81 minutes into the match, the red card led to the second yellow Kona when he finished off the game without a ball. In the nervous conclusion, Niba was short and after he hit the opponent's face, he also got CK. In 90 minutes Moha failed, but "belasy" did not have to worry about winning 2: 1.

FC Nitra – Slovan Bratislava 1: 2 (0: 2)

Measurements: 46. Fábry – 38. Šporar (11 m), 45. + 1 Holman, ŽK: Križan, Kóňa, Fábry, Niba – Šporar, Ljubicic, Moha, Bozikov, Niba after others ŽK – 60. Šporar po 2. ŽK . They decided to: Fog – Kováč, Žákech, 2412 spectators.

Nitra: (46. Ceredickenko), Fábry – Abdulrahman

Slovan: Greif – Apau, Bajric, Bozikov, Suchockij – Ljubicic, Holman (70th Salad), Kamps – Cavrič (81. Dražič), Šporar, Moha

The master of Trnava fell to Zemplín

The game was played at the beginning and the two teams were based on a safe defense. In the 20th century Diarra-Žofčák and Vaščák made a quick match against the Diarra-Žofčák axis. Michalovci patiently waited for his chances. Next came 6 minutes later, but Vascak missed one step to Zofacak shooting center. The home team took a shot on the right side of the target goal. On the other hand, Chanturišvili "scourged" Kiroves gloves, and when he did not take the shot at Kolesar, Zemplínčania went into the cabin with an English leader.

During the second half, viewers saw more chances on both sides. Right from the start of the second part, Diarra could increase his lead but his shot went over. The Trnavan responded with Malecki's head and ended at the gateway to Michail Gate. Just before the end of the game, Kolesár made a pass from the visitors' defense, but in a good chance he was close at hand. The sentence could come immediately on the other side. After the corner kick and Yilmaza head, Kira made a good shot. The guests had difficulty on the long side of the penalty area, but the home team's chance failed. Eight minutes before the end, the spectators shouted "goals" but Zofka's shot from the edge went off the finish line. During the remaining minutes, the home team managed to make a close victory over the champion.

MFK Zemplin Michalovce – Spartak Trnava 1: 0 (1: 0)

Target: 20. Vaščák. Decided by: Smolák – Vorel, Hrmo, ŽK: Vaščák, Kira – Tóth, Yilmaz, Čanturišvili, 2073 spectators.

Michalovce Kira – Rota, Carillo, Beskorovajny, Vojtko – Turik – Diarra (78. Grič), Žofčák, Danko (65. Nawotka), Pet. Kolesár (89. Kurminowski) – Vaščák

Trnava: Chudý – Kulhánek, Tóth, Greššák – Čanturišvili, Rada, Grendel (78. Miesenböck), Schirtladze (31. Yilmaz), Janso – Malecki (65th Dangubič), Ghorbani

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