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VIDEO: Selected at home, he has just succumbed to New Lock


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Hockey players Selected at home, New Lock slipped 1: 2 on Tuesday's 27th round by the Tipsport League.

Duel HKM Zvolen – HC Nové Zámky, you can watch NAVIVO at Š! >>

Tipsport League – Round 27:

HKM Zvolen – HC Nové Zámky 1: 2 (0: 2, 0: 0, 1: 0)

goal: 50. Handlovsky (Vandas) – 10. J. Jurík, 13. A. Štrauch (Bajtek, Urban)

They decided for: Štefik, Kalina – Jobbágy, Krajčík, 2 minutes excluded: 2: 8, additionally: Urban and Bajtek (both N. Zámky) 10 min for sporting behavior, 0: 0, weaknesses: 0: 1, 1489 spectators


Elected: Tomek – Vandane, Ulrych, Růžička, Zeleňák, Pufahl, Drgoň – Vandas, Špirko, Slovenia – Obdržálek, Lušňák, Handlovský – Zuzin, Kytná, Michal Chovan – Pöyhönen, Petráš, Kelemen

N. Lock: Andersons, Kudla, Hain, Henderson, Novak, Ordzoven, Hatala – Bajtek, Urban, Strakuch – Rogoň, Zbořil, J. Jurik – Nejezchleb, Fábry, Jakubek – Slaughter, Ondrusek, Buc

Domestic hockey players in the first third shook the opponent, they were more active, they had several dangerous breasts, but the goals were given by Nové Zámky. They managed to make two shots in three shots, first in ten minutes in their own weakness, when the deflected puff from the mantle and the goal design came to Juric and took over the disoriented Tom. And then Urban Tomek pushed out the puck, but the Bajtek moved to Štraucha, which from the hunter of the hunter was raised to 2: 0. Selected had two great opportunities to reduce the Cytar status. This attacker did not put himself first against Košarist's conception and his good flow was not good during the power game.

In the middle of the day, Zuzin shot mostly, but he did not. Chamans was already in chances, Henderson passed Tomek's unveiled grave and dropped from the crossing to him. The election could have helped a successful goal. From the skull the Spirka pointed the puck in the can. Guests did not take advantage of four-in-one, and in two decent opportunities, Strak found. The home team were also before the break, but in 21 seconds they did not change the status of the five and did not make it to the third third in more than a minute.

Kontakt's score was out in the 50th minute. There was a little more space in the strike zone, and after the water pass, he fired from the circle exactly to the Handlovsky can. Zvolenkanerna had the closest match in two matches, but the excellent Košaristán had their pucks covered, especially from the Vandasa stick and Šišovský next. Home three minutes before the end of third third recalls the goalkeeper, played in sixth, put pressure, they came to the seventh game in the game but the losses could not be waned.

Votes after match:

Andrej Podkonický, coach selected: "In the first third we have put pressure, we have had seventeen shots, new locks only three and have scored two goals. It's just that we have to fall in the latest matches and we have to go back to how to start the goals. send a shot in five to three, we did not have many advantages, we had to start working better with the power, but we hit but did not get three points. "

Jerguš Bača, Deputy Coach N. Zámkov: "We have the most played weaknesses in the league, on the contrary, Zvolen has the least eliminated players, but in power games it's the first, we are first and foremost in weaknesses. Today we have given in this direction. To our side, it was a lot of struggling, but we are working on it We have suitable types of players who play weaknesses and we finally decided that we did a big fight and in the goal we held the excellent cosarist.

Andrej Košarišťan, goalkeeper N. Zámkov: "It was a challenging match, I was very tired at the end, it made us play Zvolen, I got it with a blast of all strength, it was also a matched match, a spectator attractive and full of emotions. It's a hockey advertisement We have many injured players. It's always on my verge, so I think this victory will be an impulse for us. "

Michal Chovan, captains Zvolen: "We do not change the chances and we do not take the lead, we create opportunities but we have to do that too and we think it will start falling in the next game and we will be back to our game. We must shoot more and push the goal. need to play a quality match win and I think we will kick again. "



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