Wednesday , September 28 2022

Traffic collapse in Seneca: Thousands of people every day experience hell on the road


In the area where thousands of people work, people face problems every day on the road to and from work. There are two ways to the basics. One against Pezinok has been reconstructed for two months and the other has been restored last week.

Transportation has been almost paralyzed for several days. There is also a delay in delivering goods to customers, which the seller also motivated on his website.

"On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, a single free car was closed from the Logistics Center for the Goodman Senec Logistics Center when regional road management and road maintenance began to mill it and the other road to Pezinok was the second month of reconstruction due to the catastrophic traffic situation that completely inhibits transport from logistics centers in both directions on the 4th day and caused a complete collapse in the area, there is unfortunately a delay in delivering goods to our customers. cooperation with other tenants in the building with representatives of the autonomous region of Bratislava, the municipality of Senec, regional roads in Bratislava, Slovak police and the Ministry of Transport and Construction in Slovakia, writes in an official statement.

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