Wednesday , September 28 2022

This is the real reason Meghan leaves the castle!


It was immediately said that it was because of Meghanine's character. She complains that the former actress is a very complicated person and comes with it is not easy. Evidence is also the latest departure for her three employees.

The biggest problem, however, is unexpected disputes between the otherwise unbearable brothers Harry and William. The sources of their conflicts should be their wives Kate and Meghan. They are different people and do not come out perfectly.

Frogmore is currently in an emergency.

Frogmore is currently in an emergency.


Klebety's palace demented immediately and claimed the couple had only decided to start a new life alone. And they do not want to their children grew up in the golden cage. The question is if they should not have thought of it before.

Their decision really did not have Queen Elizabeth, who just recently completed the repair of 20-room modes for the 1.5 million euros they originally had to settle. Frogmore is currently in an emergency and will also require several million years of reconstruction.


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More than the foot of megan and harry hope in the gallery.


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