Sunday , January 17 2021

There was a strong solar compartment: It interferes with radio communication on earth

There was a strong solar compartment on the sun, which caused technical problems on our planet. Researchers warn that it is likely that further strong solar flares will come.

NASA scientists have discovered that a couple of days ago there was a very strong eruption on the Sun’s surface, which launched a “plasma bomb”. It caused a radio outage on Earth.

On the sun, such eruptions of varying intensity occur quite often. Late Monday night, the eruption in the sun released plasma to a distance of more than 350,000 km, and these particles from the eruption aimed directly at the earth.

NASA immediately captured the eruption at the top of our atmosphere and caused a radio outage across the South Pacific, eastern Australia and New Zealand.

Astronomers warn that our planet could be hit by additional solar flares, with at least three eruptions towards or near our planet.

Such solar flares can interfere with the functioning of satellites, including GPS, cellular signals, the Internet, television broadcasts, and even electricity.

Solar flares can sometimes be so serious that they pose a serious threat to our technology. Scientists therefore warn that at some point there may be a major solar storm that could destroy several technologies on Earth.

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